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Connecting People to God

The love of God changes lives. No matter who you are or where you’ve come from, the message is all about God’s love for you. As we connect to God through Spiritual teaching, prayer, and worship, we will experience the transforming power of God love in our lives.

Connecting people to People

God never intended for us to go through life alone. We were created for relationship. When we experience life surrounded by others who share our love for God, we’ll not only build lasting friendships, but we’ll come to realize that we belong to a family… we’re home.

Connecting people to Outreach

Every day God pursues us with His unrelenting love. And it’s because of His love that we seek opportunities to reach out and serve others. By reflecting God’s heart, we give others the chance to want to get to know Him for themselves.

Welcome To Shalom Outreach Ministries

Shalom Outreach Ministries is a Non-profit organization to serve the poor and needy. Aiming at God centered fellowship to bring in change by providing services of education, health and training. Preaching men and women through active community welfare centers at different localities, we have been continuously promoting a definite and intelligent understanding of Faith.

Mar 10, 2016

Warderns Training

Missionary Visit

Youth Retreat

Chaildren Camp

We Need Your Help

Shalom Out Reach Ministries

The development of a successful strategy to make contact with potential donors is vital in the process of securing funding for your Shalom Out Reach Ministries. First of all, you will have to compile lists of funding bodies that are most likely to become interested in your Shalom Out Reach Ministries activities; its aims, goals, and strategies.

What We Do